This race was such a great experience. Registration was easy, the website and emails leading up to the race provided great communication, and everything was well organized race day. The course itself is beautiful! The first out and back provided a beautiful view of a mountain lake, then the remainder of the course we enjoyed views of waterfalls, lush forests, railroad trellises, and of course 2 miles of tunnel running. This was my third full marathon and hands down my favorite (and fasted finally grabbing that BQ!). I was able to PR by 19 minutes on this fast course. I'd definitely recommend it!!!

This race was AMAZING. Drop bags were awesome. Check in was such a breeze. Every single person working this course was SO helpful and encouraging. The aid stations were always stocked with gels and Gatorade and water. And Sabrina!!! My new "sister" since we both like to run on hurt feet. I fell in love with this girl's humble, positive
Attitude. You MUST MUST MUST do a race in this series. Thank you all for helping me finish this race. 

Terrific course, very scenic, and well supported race. Would highly recommend.

Whether you drove for 6 hrs or flew for 3 this was so worth the journey. It started with an epic and well run check in and gear check ( with the token new super bag). Than some quick words of wisdom from the RD and off we went along a stellar course that was well marked and supported by a vast number of volunteers from the flashlights to the aid stations , the on course search and rescue no shortcuts were taken to make this event run SUPER smooth
Great great respect and Thks to the RD and Asst RD and their crew , huge kudos !!! 
I'd put this on a must do event for the grilled cheese sandwiches alone.

Gorgeous, well-marked course, awesome volunteers, great finish line, and I PRd! This is my 13th (ish) full marathon and you just can't beat a Super race. Loved the thoughtful touches, from the red drop bags to the flashlights to the "photo booth" and yummy grilled cheese at the finish. Great job Sabrina and team!

Where to start....? The out-and-back portion at the start of this race is not just 5 miles to make the distance a marathon - it is a beautiful run along the lake. There are gorgeous views and the first 5 miles go by quick. To hand out flashlights at the tunnel was a great idea. No headlamp to get batteries for the day before the race and no additional item to check. After leaving the tunnel, the remainder of the course is the downhill portion. The aid stations were staffed with volunteers who were cheering and super-helpful. I really liked the layout of the finish line. It was so nice to finish the race, then pick up the shirt and swag and get a picture taken and then recover with a warm grilled cheese sandwich. What a great race! I highly recommend it.

The Super Marathon is officially my favorite race. Check in and gear check were a breeze. The first 5 miles were absolutely breathtaking! The flashlights provided at the beginning of the tunnel made it one less thing to worry about/forget. Course support and aid was above and beyond. Although I did have to use search and rescue due to an injury, I was happy that they were constantly roaming the course. I will definitely be back and look forward to signing up for the rest of the races in this series!