This is a super fast downhill, point to point course...as in about 2000 feet downhill. The Tunnel Course has the best profile in the country for a fast time due to the consistent gentle downhill grade and the low starting elevation. It's such a gradual descent that you feel like you're just having a great running day! This USATF Boston Certified course (WA 08031 MW) runs along a non-technical, smooth, hard packed gravel old railway trail. Runners enjoy the beginning 2.4 miles through a cool, dark tunnel and continue the smooth run down the hill to the friendly finish area. The views are majestic and your feet will be fast. Come run the ORIGINAL course!

The Tunnel course is in the top 10 for a BQ per Runners World and Race Raves! Over 30% of our runners snag a BQ on the ORIGINAL Tunnel course. Founded by Washington residents and offered since 2007, you can be sure you’re in good hands. It's been a favorite among racers and why runners continue to come back for more!